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Tapping From The Source

Another year to lean on Jesus

‘So what are your new year resolutions?’ She asked me. Her eyebrows arched upwards, her eyes grew wider and her countenance lit up. Not just expectation…but GREAT expectation was written all over her face. This was the last question I ever wanted to answer. Unusual silence crept in as we rode on the snow-covered pathways. The events of the year that was slowly started playing in my mind. The sound of procrastination, anxiety, failure and finally defeat seemed to grow louder and louder. I remembered how I’d previously made clear resolutions, well written out, some even plastered on the wall in my room but sadly they all turned out to be nothing but futile wishes, as fruitless as they come. Just the thought of this drained me; it knocked me out so much so that I finally got off my bicycle and started walking my bicycle home.

Emma was startled. Her cheerful mood slowly changed as she rode towards me. I began to narrate to her the big dreams I had had for the previous year and how determined I had been to make them work and see them into fruition. One month in, frustration came knocking. All avenues I had hoped for seemed closed. The devil attacked me left, right and centre, what more was left for me? He had attacked my finances, my health my family and friendships. So why then would I even bother hanging on to my resolutions? I began living life like a victim, ready to take in and ride along with whatever life brought my way, no mission no vision. Long story short, I just existed!! I admitted that I did stuff on my own strength, that I thought I was able enough to carry out my plans; boy was I wrong!!! How on earth could a wretch like me be perfect on her own? I could easily talk myself out of my plans, disqualify and deem myself unworthy of anything. See how much of a hot mess I was to myself?

Now that I had grown sick and tired of running around in circles of failure, doing things same way and expecting different results, tired of tearful nights, tired of seeking affirmation from mere flesh; I thought to myself there’s got to be more to life than this. ‘I decided not to make resolutions but do a ‘purpose planning’ for my year. I shared with her. Because in as much as man plans, God has the final say. I made a decision to stand on the promises of God and in His word. I made Him my strategy!!

Proverbs 16:3 Commit (Entrust) thy works unto the Lord, and thy thoughts (Intentions, plots, devices, purpose, imagination) shall be established (perfected, set up, made firm, ordained, ordered, directed, affirmed, confirmed)
KJV Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible

Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust (Be bold, confident, secure, safe, sure) in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean (rely, rest, support, stay) not unto thine own understanding (Knowledge, comprehension, discernment, righteous action). In all thine ways (path, journey, course of life) acknowledge (to perceive, experience, consider, discern, recognize) him and he shall direct (straighten, prosper) thy paths (ways, journey, life)

KJV Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible

Booooom!!!!!! There you go! He said it in His word trust and acknowledge him he’s gonna do the rest for you! If only I’d have done this last year…But hey! How about we do things different this year? How about we just lean on Jesus for His guidance?

He says in Jeremiah 29:11 I know (understands) the thoughts (plans, purpose, intentions) that I think (devises regards, reckons, conceives) towards you, they are of peace and not evil (adversity, affliction, distress, wretchedness) to give you an expected end (a great future, a hopeful posterity)

KJV Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible

I am awed by the example King Jehoshaphat set in 2 Kings 3: 12-27 before going into war with the Moabites he decided to consult God on that matter and inquired, “Is there not a prophet of the Lord that we may inquire of the Lord by him” and after God spoke to him through Prophet Elisha and giving him instructions on what to do, in vs. 18, he says “And this is but a light thing in the sight of the Lord; he will deliver the Moabites also in your hand”
God not only gave him the strategy but also Victory!!! What are you trusting Him this for year? This is another opportunity to lean on the Master; Consult Him for the strategy, (that is but a light thing in his eyes) he will also give you victory!!! Let this be a year of breaking forth!!!

Jesus loves you for real make Him your strategy!!!

Authored by Carol Wachera

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