Believers have authority to fight over Satan and his kingdom.
We do not see demonic entities by our physical eyes.
Ephesians 6:2
We should be very sober, vigilant and on the watch out for our struggle is spiritual.
As believers, the authority we have over Satan and his kingdom is very important.
We as believers should know that we have the same authority as Jesus had over Satan.
If we don’t understand the authority we have over Satan, then we won’t enjoy the authority we have over him.
Isaiah 33:6
Wisdom and understanding shall be the hunger of our lives.
Wisdom and understanding are the strength to our salvation.
If we do not understand the authority we have then we are not able to express the authority we have.
Luke 10:17-19
Devils are subject to us in the name of Jesus Christ.
Through Gods authority, we have authority over the devil and all angels of darkness.
Satan in our lives is fallen.
As Christians, we should stand and drive the devil out of our lives, families and nation.
In our own selves, we cannot match the devil but through the name of Jesus we are powerful.
Revelation 12:7 – 9
Authority is given power.
There are two kinds of power;
1. Spiritual power – Gods own ability
2. Authority – Gods power given to us
Psalms 62:11
We have authority as power given to us by Jesus Christ.
Satan has no power over our lives, except from the power we give him.
We need, as believers to exercise our God give power (authority)
God has entrusted us with power to take care of and exercise it for the interest of heaven; accomplishment of will.
The reason as to why we are powerless as Christians is because of the authority we have has lost its power because we are not taking care of it and exercising it well.
Ezekiel 28:14
As attacks, Satan will always send afflictions into our lives; we should steadfastly reject him through the word.
Faith comes alive when we hear the word of God – Romans 10:17
We should stay confined in God’s word because it is the only thing Satan respects and has no answer for.

1. Cutting off lives;
John 10:10
2. Fighting their destiny
Jeremiah 29:11
Revelations 12:1
– The devils work is to fight our stars
3. Fighting our progress
Proverbs 4:18
– Fighting their relationships
Law of separation; there are six people between where you are and where you want to go.
4. False accusation
It is important that our authority maintains its power.

1. The name of Jesus
Romans 16:20
Acts 3:6
2. The blood of Jesus
The principle of Sacrifice; the person who sacrifices more, has more power
Rev 12:11
We overcome through the law of the blood of Jesus Christ
Zechariah 9:11
When we plea on the blood of Jesus, it is heard in Satan’s Kingdom
Mathew 4: 4-10
The blood is a powerful tool in the spiritual realm because it comes from sacrifice.
3. Righteousness
Righteousness is the right standing with the Lord
Unrighteousness takes away power from authority
It is very difficult to be Christians without power
Hebrews 1:8-9

Satan is not patient but he is very persistent; we should therefore be very patient and persistent in our prayers.

In conclusion;
The story of Samson gives us an important analogy of power and authority.
Samson had authority and great power.
The Delilah spirit manipulated Samson and took away the power in his authority by cutting off his hair.
But after some time, Samsons hair grew again.
Our POWER may be shaven off, but our HAIR will GROW AGAIN.
God will restore the power in our authority.

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