Fulfilling the Great Commission with Excellence


An International Church that excels in Evangelizing the World, Discipling Believers and Raising Leaders


To encourage and promote Evangelism

To establish and maintain Churches

To publish and distribute Gospel Literature

To establish Bible Schools, Academic Schools and Colleges

To Promote social programs that minister to the poor and needy.


  1. Authority of God’s word – We believe that the Bible is our all sufficient rule of faith and practice.
  2. Excellence – We endeavour to be outstandingly good or proficient in all that we do in service to God and others.
  3. Holiness and Integrity – We adhere to moral principles of honesty and soundness of living.
  4. Family Unit – We are uphold submission to spiritual authorities and govering bodies in our services to God and others.
  5. Unity of the Body of Christ – We recognize our serving together in spirit of unity, accountability and cooperation.
  6. Ethnic and Racial Diversity – By respecting the state of being different or varied we draw our strength from this diversity by understanding God’s original divine purpose for creation.


Gospel Centres International is governed through a structured leadership. GCI is led by the General Overseer together with an executive board of elders, who provide oversight to the whole GCI ministry. In addition to policy matters, each board member is assigned a specific portfolio that covers certain aspects of the ministry. This structure cascades to every local church which has a pastor and a team of local church elders to help minister to the congregation.

Rev. Charles Mulema - Gospel Centres International

General Overseer

Rev. Charles Mulema Kinusu

Rev. Simon Muasya - Gospel Centres International

Deputy General Overseer

Rev. Simon Mutuku Muasya

Elder Ernest Najoli - Gospel Centres International

The General Secretary

Elder Ernest Amiani Najoli

Elder Yuvenalis A. Momanyi - Gospel Centres International

The National Treasurer

Elder Yuvenalis Amisi Momanyi

Rev. Ken Monyoncho - Gospel Centres International

Board Member

Rev. John Kennedy Monyoncho

Rev. Titus Katembu - Gospel Centres International

Board Member

Rev. Titus Mbiti Katembu